Learn How to start a SEO business in your area

The internet is now the number one choice for business transactions today. In the past people had to advertise their businesses by word of mouth or hand out flyers and rely heavily on paper advertisement. Today search engine optimization (SEO) techniques have taken over as the best way of promoting business on the internet. However, many businesses get lost when it comes to getting their website on page one of Google especially when they have high competition. In such situations, quality and trusted local SEO is the most effective strategy to stand out among the crowd and this is a good reason to start a SEO business for local clients now. SEO businesses focus on local audiences first before expanding to a wider reach in order to achieve favorable results. Local firms analyze the main keywords and search engines local audience’s use in helping clients target customers. They employ Search Engine Marketing techniques to make local business websites reach the top of search engine results for wider exposure. Now let’s look at how you can start your own SEO business locally.


1) Set up your website

A website is the first thing your new SEO business needs. If you don’t already know how to build a website there are tons of resources and reliable courses available on the internet that will show you how to build a brand new word press website in less than 10 minutes. You can get suitable domain names from go-daddy and you can use blue-host to host your website.
Once your WordPress site is built and live, it must look professionally designed. One way is to get it custom designed. That may cost hundreds of dollars to achieve. The quickest and cheapest option is to purchase a fully customizable professional theme. Some of the best themes online are studio press themes and themeforest. They look very professional and are customizable. You can search for them yourself. It is that easy. Now if you are offering opt in service. You can use Aweber, an opt in email service provider. With Aweber’s easy to use system, you can promote offers and services to customers that have signed up to your email newsletter automatically when you wish. Opt in list in this business is very important as many business owners will not be quickly bought over on their first visit to your website. However, by capturing their email address and putting it on your opt in list you are opening great opportunities to market your services to these business owners. So head on to Aweber and sign up for a 1 month trial account for only $1.

2)Find the best means of processing payments

Now onto one of, if not the most important reason you are setting up and learning SEO. The money that you can possibly generate but how do you charge your clients? Before you can start getting clients, you must find ways to receive payments from them. Some people invoice their clients at the end of every month for the SEO work done. But you may wonder What if they refuse to pay. The fact is if you have explained how your service works properly and what they stand to gain or lose if they do not subscribe to your SEO service then you will be paid promptly every month without issues.
Some other people use the standing order but that is mostly in the UK. You can set up a standing order to automatically bill your clients every month. I’m sure you can also do this in other places as well such as US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world.
There is also the check method which is almost the same as bank transfer in reality. Some business owners still like it the old way, they prefer to pay by check rather than through online banking.
Another option is PayPal, although, you will see many reviews online saying they are extremely unreliable and also bar services from some certain countries so you should thread carefully.  I personally use Pay-Pal at the moment and I am located in the U.S. and have not had any problems so far. I will advise you do due diligence on your payment methods unless you have absolutely no other choice.
I’m sure there are many other ways you can accept payments from your clients in your own country. Find those out for yourself as they all cannot be covered in a single article. However invoicing client, receiving payments by cheque or bank transfer from client still work very well.

3)Promote your website

Haven set up your website set up and are ready to accept payments from your future clients. The next step is to device ways of promoting your website. To promote your website, you could try blogging or hiring a professional blogger to create content for your website on a regular basis, coming up with fresh content ideas all the time. The search engines will always reward the websites that post fresh content. You can submit your website to relevant, industry-related directories to help get targeted visitors. You can also visit relevant, industry-related forums and engage in conversations. Most forum accounts carry signatures, you can put a link to your website there and you will receive good quality back links and also relevant website visitors. You can also engage in interactions with people on social media such as Facebook and twitter, targeting those who need Local SEO services. There are also other ways such as Video submissions, Software submissions, Blog commenting and many more. SEO can be very frustrating and confusing thats why i suggest learning the ins and outs from a great SEO course. Once you learn how to do SEO effectively you can launch a goldmine.

how to do local seoFinally besides promoting your services on the internet. You should go to conferences and meet people who require SEO services and build solid trusting relationships. That is where the best potential SEO clients are, as they have money, knowledge, and are usually interested in topics concerning SEO. After all, If they have enough resources to attend a conference they may also have enough to hire a good SEO service provider too. However Local SEO business goes beyond setting up a website and promoting your business. it will make sense that as you grow, you should get an office space as it adds credence and professionalism to the business.

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