A few keys to wealth and happiness

Wealth is a controversial word that has different meanings to many people. To some people, wealth means enough money to do whatever they wish and to others, it means total freedom from debt and peace of mind that accompanies it. However, whatever the perception of wealth is it always breeds creativity, and creativity can help us discover the abundance in life.

Happiness on the other hand encompasses joy that usually comes from positive activity. It is the mastering of ability to react appropriately to what life offers. It is mostly achieved by giving and receiving, sowing and reaping. Happiness is also the freedom from the negative results of fear such as worry, inferiority complex, jealousy, resentment and hatred.

health and happinessWealth and happiness are two of the greatest desires of mankind. In fact, they often go together because most people who are wealthy tend to be happy because of the attendant financial independence. You do not have to make a choice between wealth and happiness because the two are interwoven necessities that every human being must strive to achieve together. For you to realize your aspirations of enduring wealth and happiness, you should observe some of these:

1. Associate with people: One of the major influences that has shaped the person you are is those who you have association with, the people you have allowed into your life. The influence of those around you is so powerful that most times you may not realize how it has affected you. To avoid wasting time with the wrong crowd, you need to ask yourself three basic questions: “With whom do you spend your time?” “What are they doing to and for you?” and “Are you okay with their association?. If at the end of your evaluation those whom you have so highly regard as important to you have no meaningful contribution to you then you should cut your ties and seek for people that would affect your life positively because it is with these people you will learn how to be wealthy and happy.

2. Be Passionate about life: Passion is your love in motion. It sparks your heart’s truest desires. It is one of the most important paths to a successful life. Passions come alive when you give time to that work you love to do, investing in quality relationships, feeling content and happy with the world around you, and selfless service in helping others achieve their goals in life. What you are passionate about in one way or the other expresses itself through your life.

3. Love completely: Our essential being was designed to love. Our soul is an embodiment of love. Living a happy and wealthy life is built on the essential need of sharing love to others around us. It could be to colleagues at the office, close friends, or even a pet. There is always a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace that goes with sharing love. Another dimension is gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings in life rather than focusing on what is wrong. Finally, the greatest secret of love in achieving wealth and happiness is loving yourself, it only takes loving you to love others selflessly.

4. Be Courageous: Courage is to be fully alive and experience the richness that life has to offer, you must have the guts to accept who you are and what you have being called to do. Often times people feel conflicted by what they think they should be doing and following their heart desires, passions, and calling. So they sacrifice their lives or ignore their soul desires often to please others or remain in a comfortable situation and wonder why they feel always sad and empty. It is important we align with our life path, listen to our inner yearnings and take faith based inspired actions in trust and courage.

5. Invest in your Spirituality: Unarguably the most important relationship we can ever develop is with God-The Divine. It is essential, if people must attain true happiness and wealth to spend quality time in quietness and tune into the guidance and direction that comes from God because when you continually flow in such connection to the Divine you get inspired to take action, your life flows with more grace and prosperity than when you follow your own plans. That is why it is important to meditate on a daily basis.

6. Help Others: One of the fastest ways to deal with fear, anger and sadness is to rise up and help someone even though it may not be that easy. And it does not mean helping others out of guilt, an obligation, or fear. When you help others regardless of your circumstance there is a peaceful feeling that comes with it. The Universe lines up with u and all that you need to be happy and successful comes to you.

Think of something you can do today to make yourself feel richer and better about your life. You should be content with what you have while pursuing what you want. Save money and buy something special, something of lasting value not only for yourself but for others around you. It is not so hard to learn the art of living wealthy and happy.


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