Hashtags are becoming more and more popular. These viral words became a sharing outlet for people that are active on Social Media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Instagram one of the most popular social platforms of 2014 is an online photo and video sharing service which is majorly available on mobile platforms like Android OS, iPhone, BlackBerry and windows operating systems. On Instagram, hashtags are used to draw people’s attention towards an uploaded photo, get followers, make friends and share photos.

Using hashtags can be tricky. To use them effectively, you must keep the following in mind:

Be specific

Using specific or definitive tags can help you connect with people who share in your interests on Instagram. For instance you are uploading a photo of your pet and want to meet with others with interests in your type of pet, a simple hashtag to use could be #dogs or maybe more specifically your kind of dog in this case assuming it is a pit bull, you could use #pitbulldogs or #pitbulls. The photo is added instantly to a targeted page where other dogs or PitBull dog lovers can find the photo easily without having to sift through photos of cats or Rottweiler’s as the case may be.

Now if your applying Instagram marketing for your business you should really considering adding this social network along with all the other popular active social networks to help brand, give your business website authority and generate some traffic in your specific niche. Now when it comes to social media marketing for business there are many techniques to learn and implement but we will keep it simple and

Be Unique

use instagram hashtagsMake your photo stand out among thousands that share the same tag with yours. Catchy TEXT or Funny TEXT and Appealing photos will be more likely viewed and visited. With a special tag that describes your photo, you easily help other Instagrammers find you by limiting their search range. A general tag like #dogs may give you a few likes or followers leaving you lost in the crowd but with a more specific or unique tag, your photo stands out and it is easier to connect with people like you, it will also bring in more followers who are attracted by your photos and keep commenting on them over time. Also if your running a business instagram account or trying to capture network marketing leads make sure your pictures are not boring or like a sales page (the web is saturated with this crap and no-one wants to see it anymore) . Give unique helpful videos and pictures that are interesting.

Always Observe

Closely observe hashtags people use on your kind of photo. You may stumble upon an already assigned popular tag you hadn’t given a thought to. For instance using our earlier example, you may see that many users will use #dogs to describe their photo more than any other tag. On proper search you may discover others with different hashtags particular to your niche. You would do well to use #dogs if that seems to trend. The simple idea is to use tags that people seem to be looking for.

Now to learn how to use a hashtag to tag your photo on Instagram, follow these simple steps

1. Open Instagram on your phone and take a picture, you can add some effects or designs to it.
2. Type your hashtag in the caption box and upload your photo
3. You can add another hashtag to it or a previously uploaded photo by typing the new hashtag in the comment box
4. After uploading the photo, you can click the hashtag which will take you to photos of others with similar tags. You can check them, like their pictures, learn from them and make them friends.

In using hashtags, there are rules you must take into consideration. Some of which are:

– Private tagged photos will not appear in public tag pages.
– Special characters cannot be used on hashtags besides numbers, letters and underscores.
– You have the permission to use hashtags on only your photos and not for other people.
– The maximum number of tags a photo can carry is 30. Above that, your photo will not upload.

So you should know now the basics on how to use hashtags, you can now go on your instagram page and upload your photos, giving them tags that will make them stand out, get likes as well as followers. However to build a large network, use the given tips to get good hashtags that will give you favorable comments. Always add an engaging and straightforward description to get the attention of people and also let them know what your photo is about. Engage with others and comment on their photos as well. They’ll do well to return the favor. Finally, research and avoid using tags that have been banned on Instagram, some of which are #instagram, #IG, and #iphone and many more. Make sure to avoid this caveat.