Traveling and Making Mula!(Money)

I just got back from St.Thomas from a little getaway and I must say the Virgin Islands are beautiful and a must see. I will definitely be heading back to do a few more fun things that I did not get to do this time around. Here are three pictures I took while over there. The weather is absolutely beautiful. Even when it rains it literally only last for about 15-30 minutes and then the sunshine comes back out.

Relaxing in the infinity pool…









                                                                                             My St.Thomas friend Spike

We stayed at the Frenchmen’s reef  Marriott hotel and I fell in love with the bed the second I hit the mattress. The King size bed was super comfortable and I slept like a baby every night I was there. Also our view was breathe taking right off our balcony through large palm trees we can see part of the infinity pool that this resort is well known for and then right out into the crisp blue ocean and clear bright skies.

Balcony Pic!(breakfast and coffee)make-money-online-today

Enough about how beautiful and the incredible time I had in St Thomas and back to my main focus of this blog, encouraging financial freedom. I literally woke up and would check my emails whileI was away relaxing to see email notifications that I have collected money. Now I am not hear to brag or boast about this but I want you to really know and believe that this can and will be you if you decide to start or grow your online business the right way. This is what makes having a solid online business so powerful and rewarding. If your currently running a successful online business and struggling to get it to grow or if your thinking about starting an online business your at the right place. Just click around Recipe 4 Wealth and read some of the blog posts that can help guide you by the hand on how to start, treat and successfully run a business.

Traveling is an amazing thing filled with new experiences, but making money while your on vacation networking because you set up a solid and well ran online business built on integrity will generate loads of money. Now don’t get me wrong I travel and enjoy life but I work extremely hard and developed something that takes time, energy, dedication and much more. Owning any type of business is not just a walk in the park.

Not everyone is cut out to own a business. Do not take this the wrong way but some of you reading this blog post right now may realize that the pressure, work load, responsibilities that all come with a business is just to much for you to handle. If you think your going to cut corners and make a business work with out any knowledge, planning along with a solid product or service built behind integrity then your setting your self up for some hard times I can promise you that.

If you think business and making money online with no skill set is required then click on those so called “gurus” system that promises you a million dollars this year from the click of a button. hahaha if it was that easy why would they be selling you the system??? Really think about it….. They would be so busy making more and more money if it was that easy. A smart business man would keep a rinse and repeat flow with this if it was true and just keep scaling up. They would NOT hide behind an email with a fake name and make you buy this top secret push button turn my computer into a ATM B.S.

Now with that said I do believe you can turn your computer into a money making machine with the right mentor to follow. You need to keep your focus and dedication on one main business and scale it from there once you get a taste of success.

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