Are you confused on if you should try Multi Level Marketing?

Are you trying to figure out if you should join a Multi Level Marketing business also known as Network Marketing? I can start off by telling you this network marketing is not for everyone however if you are open to starting a new home based business and your willing to fully dedicate yourself to this new venture you can build something very powerful and with the right mindset and marketing skill set your MLM business can give you the financial freedom you have been looking for. Imagine not having to go to your 9-5 average paying job anymore. I am sure you heard all these great hyped up speeches but that is because it is true. You can do this and make great money but its not as easy as these other marketers are telling you….


 My personal experience

Hey There I’m James and I am an internet marketer  I am not even what you consider a typical “network marketer” OR “MLMER” i do not attend any meetings or do any COLD CALLING most of my money is made with my few internet ventures affiliate websites, Digital Marketing business and yes now some MLM building but in a different way. See I joined a network marketing company when I was just 15. I was also about 80 lbs and 5 feet tall but I was determined to make money. However when your 15 no one really takes you serious so I quite and moved on real quickly  and at 18 started a design and construction company.

Even though I was starting to do very well with the home improvement business the work was not for me and was interfering with my acting classes and other goals I was focused on. After being signed to a modeling and acting agent I gave up my construction company and decided to get into something different and I was always good with sales and marketing ideas so when my good friend ask me to help him right sales letters for his affiliate email marketing campaigns I was introduced to a new world. After a year of learning from a great mentor and testing out my own internet marketing skills it started to pay off and I just kept building and being as relevant as I can when it came to affiliate and business marketing. Then i stumbled across a great ingenious way to merge my business and internet knowledge with network marketing.

This came about because I see so many people struggling with network marketing and just in business in general and I truly believe they don’t understand the power of the internet and marketing and investing 100 percent in yourself and your business. My one good mlm friend really inspired me to test things out and the results were pretty incredible.

Imagine if you didn’t have to approach uninterested people and ask them in a robotic way to join your business what if instead you were able to target interested prospects that actually call you or email you with interest in what you have to offer. This may sound to good to be true but I assure you with the right training and guidance from the right mentor mixed with the right mindset failure is not even an option.

 You Might Find the video below helpful if

1. 1f your currently in a network marketing company and looking to grow your business bigger

2.your looking for a network marketing company to join and get an insight on how to do it or 

3. your looking to find out some reviews on specific companies. 


Here are your Top 5 Reasons to consider a Network Marketing Company

  1. Network Marketing has allowed more people to quite there jobs and work from home with finical freedom and success then any other home based business opportunities
  2. If you work this business hard enough, smart enough, and focused enough it is one of the fastest growing ways to replacing your current income.
  3. You can start this business for a fraction of what it would cost you to start any other business especially one with a physical location.
  4. You do not have to develop your own product. The products are professionally made and packaged.
  5. RESIDUAL INCOME- If you put the right work in you can build a monthly income that keeps coming in each and every month even while your sleeping or away on a vacation.

Now if your struggling with your business I suggest you check out this FREE marketing video where I explain how to dominate with your mlm business using the internet. Think about how you found this video most likely you were looking for help or looking to review or join a network marketing business and you found me. That is because my marketing techniques simply WORK.

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