I’m on my flight heading back to New York from Florida. My girlfriend Jackie and I spent a few days down in the keys and had a great time. There are some great things down in Key West to do. We stayed at The Inn and they had an incredible huge heated pool. A very relaxing atmosphere and cool little bar. Zack was the bartender slinging some fresh mixed drinks. This seems like the side of town that was more family oriented so if you have kids or are looking for an older relaxing vibe then I suggest looking into this place and Parrot bay resort. If you running an online business like myself this spot isn’t bad to work from either. Just set up your laptop and kick your feet up on one of their outdoor couches and take a dip in when you need a break. I had a strong WiFi connection and I even had no problem holding a live webinar. 

 If your looking for a specific list of things to do in the Keys Here are my recommendations

IMG_3854Great places to eat in Key West Had an incredible brunch at the Banana Cafe. Here is a quick shot of what we devoured. If you stop in this cool little place try the French soup it was delicious. Staff was very friendly and down to earth. Located on Duval street. Duval street has a ton of little gift shops, bars and restaurants. Locals tell me this is the younger scene so if your looking to party check this part of Key West out.



Louies Backyard Sunset The Keys Jackie and I also had a great dinner at Louie’s Backyard. The view from this place is amazing. The water is literally breaking right under the outside bar and deck area. This place is right on the water. If you never saw Key West water it has a incredible teal blue color. I had there sirloin steak and was sipping on Louie’s passion which was one of their specialty drinks. My girlfriend had the lamb chops. Overall experience was good from this place but make sure you get reservations. This place is a very popular restaurant and I suggest eating dinner and watching the sunset.


places to visit in Key West 2016 I took a quick shot of this place Better Than Sex because I heard about this dessert spot a few years ago. My good friend Kev another online entrepreneur use to have business conversations on new ideas or future ventures and one of his ideas was a restaurant withincredible food called Better Than Sex. Of course there was also some interesting and clever menu ideas.

If your looking to catch the sun, read a book and relax head down to the beach and enjoy paradise. If your looking for something fun I highly suggest The jet ski tour by Sunset Watersports. This has got to be by far the best jet ski rental experience I have ever had. Curt was our tour guide and we had a blast. He took us all around the keys and even in the ocean with two foot high waves. This was the best part of the trip over all and next time we are going to definitely do the parasailing with these guys.

Since I only stayed for a few days we didn’t get to experience everything so next time we go it’s going to be for at least a week. Looking to get back to the Keys soon. The benefits of running an online business allows you to be able to travel and work from anywhere in the world. I hope this gave you a few ideas if you plan on heading down to the Keys. Most likely if you stumbled across this blog post you wanted some info on Key West or your looking to grow an online business and just clicked on my recent post. Regardless of why your here feel free to check out my other posts on recipe4wealth and learn more about how to start a business, motivation and get in touch with real mentors living your dream.



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