Here is my take and quick review on the Official Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Course and Program that so many are asking about. My team purchased the Tai Lopez SMMA course and there was a lot of content inside the course. Click this link to get access to our FREE wordpress website building course.

FREECONFERENCECALL.COM This is where we host 15 minute demos to close clients First I will start with being transparent and letting you know Social media marketing takes hard work and dedication. You will need to work hard to make any course work including Tai Lopez’s social media marketing course. There is no such thing as a magic money making button! I see this big misconception that many people have when starting a business. You need to treat a business like it is your baby! You need to spend hours working on building your client base. You need to be completely devoted in taking action with the techniques and tactics that you learn with in any course or coaching program. I also want to share as much value as I can and let you know there are plenty of free video tutorials to learn social media marketing skills to start getting clients. Check out this video where I show the exact AD we used to get a local hair salon 38 leads in less than 1 month with our social media agency strategies. THE BIGGEST THING IS TAKING ACTION EVERYDAY WITH WHAT YOU LEARN! – Email me: SUBSCRIBE’ to get updated TUTORIALS AND WEEKLY VIDEOS!

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Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Course (SMMA) is among one the fastest growing programs on social media so of course, me and my team had to dive in and see what was inside to review. My 5 takeaways about the course material. Keep in mind Tai Lopez SMMA Program has a lot of content to go through so I did not go through the program in detail I just overviewed the material and also asked my Social team what they thought. The course is geared more towards beginners. A few of the ways they will teach you to get SMMA clients is by cold calling, cold emailing and going to local chamber of commerce or business meetups. ( These are just 3 ways that I know work because I have use these techniques before. The program with teach you to Focus your services on one Niche. (I agree) Tai Lopez SMMA Program Cost $697 and also there was a payment option incase you do not have the full payment up front. (Tai Lopez social media course) There was also 120 day money back guarantee However, before you jump into the SMMA Tai Lopez training also know there are plenty of free tools, free step by step video tutorials on Youtube and affordable programs right on that contain a lot of the information that inside Tai’s program from what I have viewed. I am huge on investing in courses, training, and mentorship so I am always investing myself and my teams’ skillset. Unfortunately not every course or tool I have purchased was always worth it. The difference is I am so certain and confident that I will use the gems and good training that I pull from each course to make success happen. I plan things out, create to do lists and take action each day.

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You can find my Tai Lopez social media marketing agency review and in-depth SMMA tips in this blog post here: Tai Lopez 67 steps review video soon so stay tuned! Do you need to join Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency to start making money with your business? NO you do not but it doesn’t hurt to invest in courses to further your education if you have the money. Again there is plenty of free information on how to get social media marketing clients, set up social media ads for your clients and a lot of other useful information that will help you start your agency. has plenty of Social Media Marketing Agency programs that are filled with real actionable techniques and the courses are extremely cheap so if you are n a budget but want to grow an agency and a skillset check out also my other youtube videos. Learn more about Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency Program download and free videos about him here: –


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