The importance of following your dreams and your passions

When we were kids we had dreams and we believed we could achieve anything, but society taught us to go to school, get a job, raise a family, grow old and die. Our dreams exist for us to pursue them but most people do not ever take action on them. Then as their lives gradually come to an end, they look back with remorse wishing they had chased their dreams because if having them could give them so much happiness then fulfilling them would have made them feel even much better. Our dreams and passions are the driving force for life, they ignite the creativity within us. Everything that man has created in this world was first conceived in a dream before manifesting in reality. At one time before now, there was no such thing as a TV but somebody somewhere dreamed it and today itís a reality. At another time, there were no airplanes in the world but someone dreamed it and today millions of people fly, globally every day. Everything that was invented by people in this world whether a house, a car, a computer or a cup all started out as a dream. There is a creative ability we all possess and we can only put them to use when we see things not as they are but as we want them to be.

Many people are living unhappy lives because they are not chasing their passions. They work at jobs they do not like just so they can feel good but they often get bored, frustrated, feel unfulfilled, lack passion, become unmotivated, and lose confidence. Every day they forcefully drag themselves to work, and perhaps to live. They only have their weekends to themselves and unfortunately for some, the office work comes home with them and soon another week begins and it goes on in a cycle year in year out. They will often feel they have no choice as if that is their destiny. They feel they give so much and get back so little and in truth they are right. It is only those who passionately chase their dreams that derive happiness in it whether each day brings success or failure. They go after their heart desires no matter what and when success comes, it won’t be because they worked so hard or due to a stroke of luck but because they love what they do and do what they love.

Farrah gray   If you don’t follow your dreams, if you stop listening to your heart, it will stop talking to you. If all you do is listen to other people, you’ll forget listening to yourself soon enough. And when that happens, a part of you goes to sleep or dies. You sooner than later begin to see no reason to live. Every day becomes like any other day, nothing new, nothing changing. If you give up on your dreams it may very well mean you have given up on life. If you choose to accept your life the way it is, you’ll stop seeing what life can be.

There is no limit to when you can achieve your dreams or follow your passions. It is true that as we grow older and responsibilities start setting in, our dreams begin to appear as impossible. Maybe you never followed your dreams in the past because of your parents, and you probably feel you can’t follow your dreams presently or in the future. Or maybe because of love or marriage you sacrificed your dreams for someone else. And I believe not only do you pay a price, everyone and everything you sacrificed your dream for are affected by your decision. Every parent wants their children to be happy, and all children like seeing their parents happy. What better way to make them happy than to follow your dreams, chase your passion till you succeed. So go for your dreams, make your parents happy. Do it for your kids, so they can be happy and proud of you. Follow your dreams so that you can teach your children and others around you how they too can follow theirs.

It may not be easy initially as you find your bearing. Even then, there will be times when it seems stupid chasing your dreams because people might think you have gone crazy and maybe you will think so too however you must brace yourself for the obstacles. Don’t give up frustrated; always believe you can do it. At times you may feel alone, nobody may support you or believe in you. Never give up on your dreams, they are what you are passionate about, they are what you would lay down your all for, the dreams and passions may even change but if you believe in them, they will never fail.

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