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If you never experienced the power of waking up and checking your bank account and seeing deposits made while you were sleeping you are missing out on an incredible accomplishment. Now I’m not saying this to boast or brag. Im saying this for you to use as an educational piece and to help create a vision and bring your mind to the realization that this feeling and money sleeping transactions are happening for many successful online business owners.

I want to help you. No seriously I really want to help you. Lets take a different approach then you have ever tried before when it comes to making money online and growing a successful online business and presence. Ask yourself these few questions to start. This may sound a little obvious but lets do this

1. Why do you want to have this financial freedom? Maybe its a goal to get a certain house or apartment or maybe you would like to travel to a certain destination and need this financial freedom to do so. Really ask yourself this why do I want this? Maybe its simply just to help your family or be able to leave your current 9-5? What is it?

2. Now that we know what our goal is lets take a deep breathe and FEEL IT for a few seconds. Yeah I said FEEL IT. Lets live it right now because if its what you want you will have it once you understand how bad you really want it. Put yourself for a second in the position or place you can’t wait to get to. For example maybe its a new car you want, imagine the smell of the new car as you sit in that brand new drivers seat. I remember I could not wait to be able to leave my old business I was involved in a few years back. I don’t take it for granted my financial independence and freedom that i have today i can still remember the feeling that I had knowing i had to wake up early and physically run my old business, the incredible stress and physical strain. Lets take a second and think about when you go and check your bank account and see 1,000, 2,500 or 10,000 deposited into your account all from the comfort of your own home.  Close your eyes and think what you could do if i handed you $1,000 dollars right now. And then next week I hand you another $1,000. This may sound absurd but this is life changing and we are on the path to changing your life.

3. Lets throw away our worries and problems for a second and concentrate on what type of online business we would like to start or maybe you already are involved with an online business and its time to grow it substantially. First off there is no easy way out so if you seen some get rich over night speech by some “GURU” or software or system I am hear to break the bad news to you that this is a bunch of B.S. If your serious about creating and building an online business I can tell you right now it is going to take  dedication, certainty, desire and a ton of ACTION.  Learn the skill set it takes to be successful by someone who is REAL and can be a good mentor with a proven track record for success.

There is many misconceptions made when thinking of starting an online business. Just because its an financial freedom“online” business and yes all the money is generated right from your computer does not mean that its EASY.  If you do not treat your online business like a real business you will not like the results you are left with. If you were to start a restaurant business I doubt you would think it was going to be a part time or easy thing to do. Your online business should have just as much dedication as if you ventured out and started an offline business and this is where you results will leave you with a huge smile.

I don’t care if you are a network marketer, blogger, small seo business, affiliate marketer or you sell your own product online if you do not develop the skill to gain traffic and brand yourself you most likely will not make a dime with your business.

Follow, Learn and Repeat Success!

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