Why taking ACTION is the main ingredient to making money with your online and offline business.

In running a successful business, the amount of information you absorb is not necessary nor beneficial if motivation-take-actionyou do not take action and apply your skill set to your business. The wealth of information you have doesn’t matter, what matters is what you do with it. Taking a internet business as an example, a lot of people normally think they need to get all the information available before taking any action required to bring in sales. That is a dreadful mistake. Doing something is the most essential thing, if you wish to get results. Without results you won’t make any money. Without taking ACTION you will be left with NO results.

Perhaps things are going easy in your business. Perhaps they aren’t. Whichever way it is, if a fresh idea comes up, you have a choice to go with it or not. If things are going well, you may not want to consider it. However If things are not that fine, the decision is usually easier to make. In the end, you have got nothing to lose at all.

Humans find it difficult to embrace change. We frequently go to others for their guidance when we are contemplating a change of any kind whether its a change or decision for a relationship, moving and relocating, choosing or leaving a job and even change in business or methods of service delivery. There are several people who are scared of change. They will do anything to avoid it. You should probably not be seeking advice from such people about changes you want to make in your business. So when you are getting advice, take into account where you are getting it from. Is it from someone who has taken action in their lives or in their business? Does the person struggle with change? Are they afraid of risk? Even if it is someone you are use to taking advice from, bear in mind they may not have the best interest of your business at heart. Though it may appear that they are simply looking out for you. It is always advisable to follow your heart and your passion.


Just take action with the information you have, even if it’s just a tiny bit of information and may seem inadequate. The smallest change and piece of ACTION you take will build something unexplainable. This can be the momentum that you needed. It’s better to have done something already than waiting until you have found out every piece of information that you should know because, you don’t need to know everything. Stop chasing the next shiny object and buying courses and doing nothing with them. TAKE ACTION! Trust in yourself and do what you believe in. As a matter of fact, that is the difference between people who are making enormous income and those who are just making enough money to cover their monthly bills or making nothing at all but buying every promising shiny object put in front of them.

Taking action is a step ladder process and you must meticulously follow it if you wish to make more stop procrastinatingmoney from your business. First you need to plan. Planning is crucial if you want to take action. You need to make a decision on the objective you want to accomplish, select a program and break it into separate steps. And when I say program I mean one program and follow a successful Mentor with a proven track record of success and that is a real human being that you can physically see and understand. This plan of action will be way more effective and your work will be well organized. Secondly, write down all of what you think would develop your work condition. Focus on them, steer clear of procrastination. Breakdown tasks into small chunks, this way you can keep track of how much you have achieved. I love to physically write things down in a real note pad especially daily tasks and this way i can physically cross thongs off as I get them done. Manage your time, make notes from week to week how you spend your time and learn to work within short time frames. Lastly write down everything that creates resistance to your taking action. Carefully consider what can be done to eliminate that resistance. Then begin to utilize the 80/20 principle to determine what action you will take in your business. That means, those things that yield 80% of the results, do more of them. Those things that yield 20% of the results, do less or totally abandon them.

Opportunities do not appear frequently but when they do, they can come in different ways. Whether the opportunity is an idea, a program, or access to some form of information that can assist you in your business, don’t take it casually. As soon as you have figured out that it is not questionable or illegal, don’t waste time in applying it into your business and don’t be diverted by those people who enjoy inaction.

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