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WordPress websites and blogs are very popular and used by a lot of people today, from normal bloggers who just want to share some info to business people looking to market themselves on the internet. WordPress is very popular because of its ease of use, its design and look can be customized to user taste, it is free to use and in some cases acquiring themes, plugins and other elements for your custom design are inexpensive So far you have covered your web hosting and domain name registration. Now you can see why most internet marketers find word press websites a very valuable tool to their online business. Now lets get a better understanding of what word press really is.

why build a website for your businessWordPress is the most popular content management system with millions of users like Boing Boing, Buzz Machine, Mashable, Forbes, JAY-Z, Katy perry and millions of others. A content management system like WordPress makes it easy to create and manage a website without knowledge of anything like HTML, CSS, PHP or Java Script. With the few clicks of a mouse WordPress makes it easy for you to add content, edit content, delete content or completely change the look and functionality of your website.

In this article you will learn how to build your own WordPress site from scratch. You will learn how to put up a video or image on your homepage, Edit and make call to action buttons, make widgets from free icons, how to set up different pages like an about page, contact page, add map and contact information, custom logos and widgets for testimonials.

To get started, you will need to follow these processes:

1. Hosting: this is basically a computer that stores all website files like images, text and other contents. Hosting is about $10 a month and there is no getting around it.

2. Domain: It is simply the unique name of your website. A domain name It could be a .com domain, .net, .org, .info or any other available domain name. A domain is about $12 per year.

3. Install WordPress: WordPress is free and you can get and install it

4. Add content: Add the WordPress website content

5. Change Logo: Give it a unique logo.

 Watch this video Below to get over the shoulder step by step help on setting up your Word Press website

To begin with, visit, click on web hosting and chose the baby plan and it allows for unlimited domains. Then select the length of time you’ll like to pay for; choose monthly as it affords you the chance to cancel at anytime. Click order and in the next page that appears choose a domain name. Then go to the coupon area and fill in your coupon code and get 20 to 25% off. Then continue to step two and fill in your billing address. Then pay with PayPal for a onetime payment or chose subscribe for automatic billing of your PayPal account monthly. On a confirmation you will receive, you will also find your username and password as well as a link to your control panel. You’ll click on this, fill in your username and password and you’ll be directed to your control panel for domain and hosting.

In the next step which is to install WordPress. On your control panel, search for quick install and then select WordPress. Then fill in your domain and other required details. After installation you can follow the link to your WordPress site. To begin edit of the website content. Follow the admin link provided upon installation and then copy and paste your username and password and log in. You will then be presented with your dashboard where you can install a theme. On the dashboard click on appearance and follow it to install a new theme for your WordPress website and then proceed to the next step which is to add content to the website.

To add pages such as about page and contact pages. Use the pages tab on the dashboard, delete the sample page and click on add new page then your page title and the body text.

To edit or put image, text and widgets on the homepage you will use the appearance tab on the dashboard, click on the homepage tab and make your changes there. You can play around with the appearance tab to change your call to action button text and link source and many more.

Use the media tab to add videos or images. Add your video links and image links if you are not uploading direct from your computer.

To edit home widgets, return to the dashboard and search for widgets under appearance and tinker with it to get your desired widget look.

To get icons for your widgets, you can visit to to get free icons in PNG. Unzip the unzip files and on your widget edit bar, select add media and upload your downloaded icon and when done the icon will appear on the widget on the homepage. To add testimonial widget use the left bar widget, open it up and fill in your testimonials, then save.

For contact form addition, search for contact plugin 7 under the plugins bar, install it and fill your contact in html format. When it gets filled, check your mail for notification. For phone and email use the main side bar widget.

To add a map of your location. Get a map of your area from Google maps, copy the embedded code for the map and head over to the main sidebar again. This time create a new bar for the map, name it location and input your embedded code but after selecting html option for input option.

To change logo, you can visit and create custom logos for yourself or if you are proficient in Photoshop you can design one yourself. Save your finished image and upload as header in the custom header edit bar under the appearance bar.

These are the easy steps you can use to create a unique WordPress website for your business or service. WordPress is easy to use and save you lots of time and money looking for professionals who would charge more than ten times what you could do for yourself. After you fully develop your website layout you should now learn how to generate traffic to your website.

how to build a wordpress website


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