Why Video Marketing is so vital for your business

Video Marketing has become a very popular method of promoting your product or service due to the facthow to rank in google with video that an average user watches 32.2 videos a month and growing. Video marketing allows your business to grow faster due to three key factors. It is much easier to rank a video in the search engines compared to websites, your conversion rate will increase significantly, and you can promote your video on several platforms.

Most of the common search engines today make it easier to rank videos because there are fewer factors that affect the ranking of the video, and users simply respond better to videos. Search engines such as GOOGLE take a variety of factors when ranking videos such as video filename, video title, description, and video quality. You also have the advantage in the long term as search engines tend to make unexpected changes to their ranking algorithms which tend to be more directed to websites than videos.

When using video marketing you are taking advantage of the way your information is presented and effectively using your video as a funnel for your traffic. When a viewer is interested in the videos content they will continue to your website. At this point your user already is already interested compared to someone who just arrived at your site and is more likely to convert.

learn seoVideo Marketing allows you to control the pace of the content because a lot of viewers will skim through your text and may miss crucial points. There are a variety of different videos including slideshow videos, custom animation, and a live video. The different types of videos allow you to maximize your videos effectiveness depending on the product/service you are promoting.

In some cases videos are a more cost effective solution to marketing than articles or perhaps social media. With articles you can only use them once before your site is penalized for duplicate content however you can upload your video to several video sharing websites. In current trends video sharing sites have become extremely popular and used by many businesses, websites like YouTube have over 1 billion unique users per month and you can promote your business for free by creating a channel and uploading a video within a few minutes. If you want to better communicate your content Video Marketing will achieve this, and allow you to increase your conversions and increase the popularity of your site.

So Here Are Those 3 tips on How to use video SEO to generate Leads and sales for your business

1. Video Optimization-

Make sure your video filename is saved as your main keyword before you upload it to YOUTUBE from your desktop, Make sure your video title includes your main keyword, Make sure you write a 300-400 unique article with your main keyword at least three times in the description plus add a few long tail keywords a few times, Make sure the video quality is clean and clear after its uploaded to assure your viewers can see and understand it clearly.

2. Add your website link-

At the top of the description add your website so it stands out and also say it clearly in your video if you are speaking or on camera. You can now add clickable links inside your video that can draw your audience over to your website as well.

3. Back-linking-

Building back links to your video url link with help build authority. SEO can be very complex it takes a very specific online marketing skill set to build proper powerful and effective links that actually work but this is the most important part of online marketing when it comes to generating targeted traffic. A few tips on back linking is to build Social bookmark, wikis, social signal links and high authority links that all include your keyword and variations of your main keyword as the anchor text. Share your video on all your social sites and gain likes, subscribers and views which also help.You can learn more on how to get real video SEO results by checking out How to make money on YOUTUBE post in the online success section.

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